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Visual musings from my studio

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to create. I can sit in my studio and look around with no game plan. For me it doesn’t matter what medium or subject, it is simply important to begin. These are two … Continue reading

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Mucking around in the studio

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New Drawings

I spent yesterday at a local ranch working on some new drawings. Our local art gallery asks artists to come out and work in a variety of gardens and properties and the community come out to tour them. I worked … Continue reading

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My history with corvids (crows, ravens, magpies) goes back a ways. When I was about 14 yrs old, I had my bedroom upstairs in an old farmhouse. There was a small window in a dormer and it lead right out … Continue reading

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Kid’s Self Portraits

I meant to post these during the summer, but other things got in the way. These self-portraits were drawn by my kids during week long art lessons with Mom. It was interesting to see the progression.  I am not sure … Continue reading

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Buy my Art

Okay, so this is a very bold statement but I figured I should just be honest. I am hoping you will be interested in buying prints of my art. I know Christmas is coming, birthdays are coming, or maybe you … Continue reading

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me, myself and I

I have been drawing a self portrait each day for 2 weeks. First thing after breakfast I would drag myself over to the mirror and try to capture what I saw. I discovered that mornings are not when I look … Continue reading

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new post to saved project

I’ve changed the name of my “preserves’ project to ‘saved’. I like the connotations of the new title. It’s less domestic.  I’ve added a new page, saved art and made a post to it. You should be able to see … Continue reading

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the bare bulb

Doesn’t the bare bulb above someone’s head usually signify the arrival of an idea? (my basement studio, Prince George, BC, 2007) You might say so, but in this case it is the main lighting for my humble home studio. I … Continue reading

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The dad-guy’s day

It is a special day for all of you who are a father to some one. They look up to you, they model on your behavior, and they love you. Above are two drawings of Kevin, the dad-guy in this … Continue reading

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