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Here are some of the things that kept me busy this week: 1. Giving meds to my little terrier dog who has slipped a disc in his neck. 2. Driving my daughter and the neighbor girl to art camp. 3. Building wooden … Continue reading

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Deep scars inspire deep questions.

Sitting alone with my tea Saturday morning is something I enjoy. This morning as I sipped with both hands I looked at the moon-shaped scars on my left hand, then an arrow shaped scar on my right thumb. I don’t have many scars, but … Continue reading

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A Tale of a Tail

This is a tale of a tail that involves a cat and a mischievious little brother. It happened in the 70’s when each day brought some new experience to ponder. The bitterly cold winter was fading into memory and the … Continue reading

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healing, sort of.

I have been sick for 4 weeks. I could feel a virus coming, but I had no idea of the intensity behind it. It hit me on a Monday afternoon with a full force of fever, nausea, sore throat and … Continue reading

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Gas prices are changing my life

We have changed our lives a lot over the last couple of years, reducing the amount of trips to town and combining activities to reduce our gas consumption. We live about 40kms from the city and it takes about 35 … Continue reading

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missing my man [or my man is missing.]

He left on Friday at 6:30am with 2 other guys, the snow roaring up behind the truck in an indignant cloud as they peeled out of our driveway. He has been planning this trip for months. He grew a beard, … Continue reading

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