saved photos

I have pictures of my parents when they were little and cute. As part of the saved project, I thought I would post them.

Ken Gullion as a baby

This is my dad, Ken Gullion. I think this was taken about 1945. What a head of hair.


Here is my mom, Loretta Berezan was her name as a child. Oh boy, I cannot remember what year she was born. I will have to add that later.

4 Responses to saved photos

  1. Riette Gordon says:

    Hi Kim
    I love reading your input but forget to look at your website.
    Remind me every once in awhile.
    Sorry to hear your Mum not doing so well in Jan. . . how is she doing now?

    Congratulations on your completion of the installation.

    Hope you and the family are well. Gather busy with your courses.

    Busy since Jan. teaching art classes and enjoying them.
    Spring is starting to come out . . . oh so nice. Gather you have had a hard winter in Prince George.
    keep well

  2. Dawn says:

    Great photos. I always thought Little A looked like the Dadguy’s mom, but I see a little of her came from your mom also, but can’t put my finger on it, perhaps the impish grin. Funny, your mom always kept that impish grin.

  3. Lee says:

    I too was born Fenruary 29, 1964, what a coincidence! I was born in Takoma Park Md and put up for adoption immediatley.
    P.S. I like your art!
    Have a nice day!

  4. destiny says:

    Shes sooo cute when she was little.

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