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The Path of Least Resistance

It is Sunday. A day of work for me. I keep Saturday as a day of rest (see commandment #4 in the 10 commandments). My whole family does, therefore Sunday becomes a day of work for us. Typically I spend … Continue reading

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are those choices that I am not good at making. I have an opportunity to teach an extra class at the College of New Caledonia this fall in the New Media Program, “Web I”. The problem is that I am … Continue reading

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waste not…

One of the assignments I had the ‘Design History’ students work on this semester yielded some interesting results. They were to find and present a controversial art or Design piece. That is where I was introduced to the Cloaca Machine. … Continue reading

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think of yourself as a coach?

Idea #18 from the mini handbook How to Improve Student Learning* tells me I need to do this. It also tells me to be sure the students are performing for me and not the other way around. How many times … Continue reading

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MFA the new MBA…

Or so says the Harvard Business Review (February, 2004), Daniel H. Pink, who claims that “an arts degree is now perhaps the hottest credential in the world of business.” This is exciting news to me, even though it is potentially … Continue reading

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attendance is essential

if you are going to succeed. I repeated that phrase several times yesterday to the fresh and enthusiastic faces in my New Media Illustration class. At first it seemed like any other piece of advice offered by a knowing individual…something … Continue reading

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yes, it is the usual kaos before classes start at the College, or perhaps a bit more than usual. The New Media program has been revamped and is starting again this Sept. with new equipment and curriculum. I am teaching … Continue reading

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