When less was more

My son, now 18 attends the same college that I work at. We carpool and today we will be here longer than expected; over the lunch hour. I sent him a text asking if he wanted some money for food, “Yes!!!” was his reply. After I paid for his burger and fries, a modest $9 CAD…I thought about a time when my Dad had treated me and my friends to a donut during school hours. In high school we had a great hangout. It was the local bakery. If you were planning to miss a class, at some point you’d end up there. That’s what had happened the one and only day I ever skipped class. My parents who lived 25 kms out of town just happened to show up at the bakery for coffee. As they sat down my Dad’s eyes met mine. I could feel my face flush…he was a scary guy when he got mad. He walked over and asked me what class I was supposed to be in, “Record keeping” I said. He asked me what my mark was, “an A” I said. He pulled out a $5 billed and said, “This is for you and your friends to pay for your donuts, don’t ever do this again.” I was surprised and greatful. The $5 paid for 3 donuts and 2 coffees, and I never did that again.


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I have a visual art practice and (way too) many ideas, thoughts and opinions I want to share. Thanks for listening.
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One Response to When less was more

  1. Dawn says:

    I didn’t skip class that day so missed the donut. I did skip a couple of biology classes but that was after attendance when the teacher took off. He did that a lot and didn’t come back, just told us to work on our projects. I got mine done and a good grade so the 2 or 3 classes I missed didn’t cause a problem. It was last class of the day though and there was one time I was worried I would miss the bus and that would be a long drive for my parents to pick me up.

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