waiting to adopt…

There is a tiny hole in the fabric of this family. In January my family lost our little dog Bandit to an unnamed illness. I have been trying to adapt as we still have our lovely Laika dog, Sheeba, but there seems to be a small presence missing. Bandit was a positive, happy, and constant companion who was game for absolutely anything, except a bath. He kept me smiling with his ‘glass half full’ view of the world. Last week the family headed down to the local pet shelter ‘just to have a look’ and we found this sweet little guy:

At 1.5 years old, Ruger is every bit a clown, intelligent, handsome and agreeable. We started the adoption process and were scheduled to bring our dog Sheeba down for a meet-and-greet but found out that all the shelter dogs were under quarantine due to Kennel Cough. The shelter has no estimated date for release, and we have no idea whether or not Ruger has been infected. So for now, we wait.


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One Response to waiting to adopt…

  1. art4life says:

    We’ve successfully adopted Ruger. He’s been with us for four days and has made himself at home. Ruger has an outgoing personality and is quite the comedian! He brings his dish over when it is empty, picks up his entire bed and moves it where he wants it before laying in it, and tries to find the ‘other’ dog behind the mirror. Very cute!

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