and it goes on

I do not take naturally to what I call domestic work. Those nasty chores that fall under the category of housework are never finished. I have been working for a month on staging our home. 3 weeks ago we listed it on the real estate market with the hopes that it will sell, freeing us to buy a home and property closer to the city of Prince George. We are about 38kms away right now. That translates to a 40 minute highway drive in good weather to reach the centre of town. The ‘dad-guy’ and I pounded away at replacing counter tops, installing tile on our backsplash and refinishing kitchen cabinets. The results are stunning. (I’d show you, but my son (14) has taken my camera cord to his room and it has ‘disappeared’ in there.) After weeks of ‘cramming’ to complete improvements, I have lost interest. There are still some details that should be looked after, but I can’t seem to motivate myself to do them. Cleaning out storage cubbies, scraping old paint, and reorganizing basement clutter is not at the top of my ‘holiday fun’ list. Maybe I need a reward system, something like an ice cream cone, or a new toy for motivation. A search on google nets this information:

One principle that underlies these conceptions is that some people will focus more on challenging themselves to achieve by choosing moderately difficult tasks, persisting in the face of setbacks, etc. while others try to avoid situations of moderately difficult tasks where their self-esteem would be at risk (Atkinson & Feather, 1974). Those who are risk averse tend to choose either very simple tasks or very hard ones. In the former case they are confident they will succeed, and in the latter case nobody will expect them to succeed. Dweck and Leggett [1988]

Another site tells me I need good role models, and specific goals. It goes on to say that if I am a high achiever, I will need a moderately difficult task. Maybe that’s the problem. How hard could it be to clean out a cubby hole? Should I think about all the skills I will use to clean? Should I picture the space as it might look once it is organized? Maybe I could trick myself into thinking it is an important task. After a while of this non-purposeful thinking, nothing is done and my head feels thick.

my brains feel like mush.


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I have a visual art practice and (way too) many ideas, thoughts and opinions I want to share. Thanks for listening.
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2 Responses to and it goes on

  1. Dawn says:

    I hear you! Why do you think I have so many unfinished projects around here. I love to get new ideas and start on projects, then I get tired of the detail finishing up and give up. I need a finisher to come after me and do what needs to be done, to get the job completely finished.

  2. art4life says:

    a small army would do nicely!

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