in the moment

I spent some time ‘in the moment’ today. As soon as everyone had gone off to work and school, I took the dogs and headed down the road for a walk. It was cool out, perhaps only +3. The moon,  full and round was still visible in the west. We walked quickly in the crisp air and I could hear the panting of the dogs, my clothing brushing on itself, a few brave birds, and…what was that? Large rustling from the bush to my left. Thanks to the heavy winds of last week, the trees were bare and I was able to see a cow moose get up from her bed to look at me. I am always amazed at how big they are! Their ears are no less than 8 inches high. They looked like awkward teenagers with their long skinny legs. I whispered a silent prayer that she would not see me as a threat. We were so close together, her and I, looking at one another. She made no aggressive move toward me and I could enjoy her beauty while the dogs and I walked past. My large dog let out a low growl and I hushed her. It was a beautiful moment

! Cow moose

This cow was standing outside our dinning room window last winter. She looks very much like the moose I saw today.


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4 Responses to in the moment

  1. hiddenart says:

    Did you breath as you walked past? I think I’d be so caught in the moment of awe that I’d just forget.

  2. Dawn says:

    That is a wonderful moment. Sirdar posted about one a year and a half ago when he got up the morning after finding the neighbour, and there were deer eating the bird seed off the ground as the sun was coming up, and a couple more deer in the trees, and the dog was lying there watching them silently and it was such a moment (he woke me up to witness it too). Now that we don’t have the big dog, we have more deer eating the bird seed off the ground. That is a great photo you got. We need to clean our windows so we can get some photos from inside looking out 😀 .

  3. Sirdar says:

    Isn’t that the beauty of living outside of the city?

  4. art4life says:

    Yes, Sirdar there is an amazing thing that happens when you live outside the city, you get to interact directly with nature, right? There is something about that which I find soothing.

    Yes, hiddenart, I breathed…lol, but just barely!

    Dawn, You crack me up! Just schedule the window cleaning into your calendar, of course, then something else might have to give. I hope you won’t be too hungry for supper that night Sirdar, ha, ha!

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