Let’s Stop

Let’s Stop

A desperate plea from my oldest child who wanted to be polite in front of guests, so instead of speaking out he discreetly slipped me this little note.  You can see my scratched out and erased answer sideways in the left margin. I figured if he was going to be childish, so was I. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who the adults are in this house.


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I have a visual art practice and (way too) many ideas, thoughts and opinions I want to share. Thanks for listening.
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3 Responses to Let’s Stop

  1. Sirdar says:

    You’re sure he was joking…right? 😆

    Its best that you don’t grow up. More phun that way.

  2. Dawn says:

    Were you going on and on and on and on as you are so inclined to do with so many things 😀 . Oh wait, that is me. Well, I think you were wise to to be polite, and not tell him ‘no’ in front of company. That would have embarrassed him and, it is good you don’t grow up, like Sirdar said.

    And yep, you are the friend I got the celestial chicken recipe from that I mention, and I had planned to link you, but was typing at midnight and didn’t remember when I did it.

  3. art4life says:

    Dawn: you know me too well!

    Sirdar: And kids think we are all boring and grown-up like!

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