More Alaska

I finally had time to catch my breath and edit some of these photos for you to see.

Exit Glacier

Exit Glacier

The colour and cold wind coming off of this glacier was incredible! On the trail which takes you to this glacier there were markers indicating how much the glacier had receeded over the years. It was over a kilometer from 1965, the year after I was born until the base of where the glacier now sits.



Matanuska Glacier and Al

It was a hike worth making to get up close to the glacier and he even tasted the ice.



Glacier Calving (big ice chunks falling off into the ocean).

We cruised for 3 hours on a catamaran to see this glacier.

The seas were calm that day so no one got motion sickness.



Father/Daughter bonding while the son fishes.

Most of the fish in this river were spawning salmon that were no good to eat.

But apparently there were some fish who were not spawning, but were waiting for the eggs to drop so that they could eat them. Those are the fish you want to eat.




Lighthouse at Ninilchuk

It was early morning. We woke up after camping the night here and saw this beautiful lighthouse.

We couldn’t see it the night before when we pulled it because it was raining so hard.



Octopus at Sealife Center in Seward.

He was in the right place, I had my camera handy, the rest is history. Nice colour!




On the Road Between Palmer and Glennallen.

We saw a lot of this. Mountains and glaciers at every turn.

In fact, part of this highway is called the Turnagain Arm because it is so beautiful that you just want to turn look again.




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2 Responses to More Alaska

  1. Dawn says:

    Those are great shots. It looks like you had a great trip. I love the one of the starfish. I am sure that Al isn’t suppose to eat the glacier, if everyone did that, there wouldn’t be any glacier left for people to come see. At least that is what we were told about taking rocks from Frank’s slide. Guess what, someone did the math on that at Geology camp (darn home schoolers always have to figure out if someone is pulling their leg), and it would take 3 million years to take away the slide with a thousand visitors a day. Hmmm…don’t want my great,great………….great grandchildren missing out, so we followed the rules.

    I love the photo of you three loved ones. Those from behind photos are great. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  2. Sirdar says:

    Awesome pictures. Looks like you had a great trip. I hope to take a trip up there one day. Hey…now that our dollar is at par with the US dollar…..maybe next summer we should do it. I’ll have to check with the BOSS about that 🙂

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