damp, but not dampened.

I allowed the hundreds of people to pour their gazes over my face as we slowly moved through the line. I was unable to see the end, just a snaking cord of strangers who glanced, then looked away. This was the last of many lines I had to negotiate before entrance through the gates of homeland security and onto the flight that took me to Anchorage. For those who know me, you know that I am not good in crowds. The energy pulses off of each body and assaults me until I want to run to freedom, wherever that might be. It’s a huge contrast to the amount of space in the unpopulated areas of Alaska. My family has been traveling for 3 days by motorhome from one spectacular location to another. Today has been a day of new experiences starting with a visit to Sea World in Seward. Not like the ones in California where carefully coreographed routines are played out by bored sea mammals, this place was very natural and allowed us to view creature behaviour without disturbing them. Later we braved the 3 mile hike to Exit Glacier while the rain poured on. We were not disappointed. My daughter was struck by the deep azure blue of the crevases and the cool wind that forces its way off the glacier and down the path of its retreat. I smiled contently and watched through water-spotted lenses as the kids ran down the mountain. Tonight we are clean, dry and relaxed thanks to this wonderfully run RV site, which also has wireless internet access. Tomorrow we take a 6 hour cruise to the whale feeding grounds and the tidewater Glaciers. If I run into another wireless location, I will let you know how that goes. The weather report is calling for more rain…in fact, rain all week but I will not let it dampen my trip!


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  1. dawn says:

    Wow, sounds wonderful (well, not the crowds at Homeland Security). We left on 22nd and have had a great trip so far. We had rain the first couple of days of camping (in a tent, I might add) and it was cold at night. Did I mention we were in a tent. Anyway, learning about history and geology in the Crowsnest pass was great. We went Hwy 3 to Abbotsford so it took a long time. We wanted to stop at Sirdar and get souveniers, and Sirdar is going to somehow incorporate that into his blog page. I wanted to steal the Canada Post sign, but refrained. We have been here a couple days and are having a fine visit. The weather is shaping up and we will do the water slide and the ocean and visit the relatives. Oh, and T is going to sign up for ship duty in April. Actually, he is going to go on a big boat and learn the ins and outs of sailing with a bunch of other home school youth. He is pretty pumped and will see a lot of sea life. It will be between the Island and mainland so no treacherous seas. I am pretty excited for him, and would love to go too, but it is not feasible for us all to go. Hope you have a good rest of your trip.

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