I purchased art by Opie Oppenheim

The Native Art Gallery that I once managed has announced that it is closing its doors. I was sad to hear this after all the work I did there. Well, as most closing businesses do, the gallery is having a 50% off sale. I went in to get a little momento and came back with this print by Opie Oppenheim. Opie came in the gallery last spring and it was a pleasure meeting him. He is very funny and that is reflected in his work. This piece has a set of numbers in the top, left hand corner. Many people have speculated on what those numbers represent. It was suggested that they are a salmon count from the year the print was made. So I asked Opie what the numbers were for. “Oh, that’s my bowling average.” he says. Apparently this piece was never intended for reproduction, it was a scrap, a ‘work in progress’, but he loved the way the drawing and the casual ‘chicken scratch’ interacted so he had prints made. I now have this unintentional art hanging in my house. I am sad that there will no longer be a place where memories like this can be made.


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14 Responses to I purchased art by Opie Oppenheim

  1. Carol Geddes says:

    Re: Opie Oppenheimer art.
    I am looking to purchase a small print to get framed and take to Germany. I bought some directly in Merritt some time ago and have them hanging in my home but I wish to take 2 to germany this spring.
    Is there still a shop in Merritt?
    I live in Calgary but my family is in Kamloops so they could go there if I needed them to.


    Carol Geddes

    • Betty says:

      Hi Carol,
      I live in Kamloops and am presently downsizing. I have several pieces of Opie’s art that I am wanting to sell. Please contact me on my e-mail if you are still interested. I have a set of 4 smaller pics. that may be what you need. My e-mail is: dbetty09@telus.net
      My name is Betty. Hope to chat with you soon.

  2. Edith Smith says:

    opie oppenheimer , i woul like to get a hold of you , my smith family is having a black and white for funraiser for cancer for one of there family member, and i told them how much you speake from the heart , and play a mean flute, i often wonder how you are doing , i had a great time meeting you and i hopeing to pay it forward to share you wisdom and tallent , this family is hopeing you to come to this fun raiser to be able to speak and play , it about saving the brother they have to cancer and we can beat it as a family and community , please contact me or mr Jamies Smith me first at 1-604-885-7572 again thank you for fawnd memorys , and god watch over you opie

  3. Edith Smith says:

    they are having it in september and are willing to pay your way the dinners are $50.00 an plate and the money is going to the young man that has cancer and is trying to beat , one of there other sister whom i love so dear has breat cancer also, , cantact me asap thank you Opie Oppenheimer , god bless xx

  4. greg eustache says:

    hi opie
    simpcw first nation poeple would to join us on november thursday 19,2009 for nationnal addictions week with a more indepth healing workshop, need more information please call greg eustache at [250]672 -9995 or e-mail wellness@simpcw.com

    greg eustache

  5. greg eustache says:

    thank you ,greg eustacehe

  6. channelle says:

    Hi Opie,

    Do you have any contact information for an event up in Northern BC?

    My email is csuecr@hotmail.com


  7. lauriew1 says:

    Hello my long lost friend Opie,
    This is Laurie Walters who many moons ago had the pleasure of meeting you during the first ever Merritt ArtWalk where you’re Artwork was featured on the cover the the Artwalk passport book and the original painting continues to be featured in my home. This is also where we became friends. I think about you often and hope you are doing well. I would love to hear from you I am still living in Williams Lake.
    Laurie Walters

  8. mark richards says:

    Hello my friend my name is Mark Richards you were a good friend of my father Barry Richards in north van just want to say hello and maybe we can catch up some time i live in kamloops b.c

  9. Lisa says:

    I too have this piece hanging in my house. Love it

  10. Bill says:

    Good Day all. I am not an art guy however I have this print called “Majesty” if any of you are interested in making an offer:


  11. art4life says:

    I’m sorry Carla, I do not know as I am no longer working at the Gallery.

  12. Bill says:

    Good Day all. I am not an art guy however I still have this print called “Majesty” by Opie Oppenheimer if any of you are interested in making an offer i would love to sell it:


  13. Richard says:

    I have a signed opie picture on a professionally framed pic of wolf coming out IIrich

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