I heard through friends on Friday that 2 of my drawings that are currently on tour with the Artfest Show in Northern BC have gone missing.(see my original post Thursday, April 26, 2007). I had a 3 drawings, about 2.5 ft high and 1.5 ft wide that were a set. Apparently the Gallery at MacKenzie did not receive all three pieces, only one. They hung the one piece. When I heard this I had several questions. 1. How could the gallery not see that there were 2 pieces missing when all 3 pieces are shown in the program for the show, which they would have, and each piece is labeled 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc? And… if they did notice the pieces were missing, didn’t they feel that this was something to be alarmed about and that it warrented a call to the show organizer or even the last gallery that had the show to inquire about the missing pieces? As far as I know, none of this has happened. It took an alert person who was viewing the show to notice that these were missing and discuss it with another artist who just happened to be a friend of mine. Yes, this is how I found out that my pieces are missing. I have been wringing my hands as the call I placed to the show organizer will not be answered until Tuesday, when he is back in his gallery. I will keep you posted on the developments.


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I have a visual art practice and (way too) many ideas, thoughts and opinions I want to share. Thanks for listening.
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