form follows function…

and ornament is a crime. Principles once embraced and followed by Les Courbusier, Viennese modern architectAdolf Loos, Alvar Aalto, and other modernists. From a time when plain, simple steel water towers were seen as good examples of ‘simple’ design, (as recently as 1984), to design fantasy where Furniture Designer, Patrik Fredrikson says, “As we penetrate ever deeper into the digital age, we are leaving behind modernism’s driving imperative – mass production by industrial means”. His work, recently on display at the London Design Festival featured a table made from materials such as ice, and candles for which the stick and holder were both made from wax. Working with ceramicist Ian Stallard, Patrik calls their work “fairy tales for grown-ups”. Are they functional, impractical, or a stepping stone to new ideas?


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I have a visual art practice and (way too) many ideas, thoughts and opinions I want to share. Thanks for listening.
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2 Responses to form follows function…

  1. dalefvictor says:

    I am a woodworker who is interested in designing and building furniture that more meets the imaginative needs of people. As I am a small shop in the business of building furniture and custom items and I can entertain more work. With the capabilities the modern woodworking shop has at their hands one of a kind specialized furniture can be made, which takes the individual clients ideas in hand. Is there anyone out there who finds this idea also interesting?

  2. art4life says:

    I find this very interesting Dale and I think that personal attention and service will always find a following! Not only is it a specialized piece, but one that is build to last and can potentially be handed down to through the generations in the family. Hopefully people will realize the value in this and forsake the ‘throw away’ furniture now available in so many stores.
    Best of luck Dale!

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