no leap this year

Yesterday I celebrated my 41st birthday, sort of. I was born February 29th, 1964 at 11:57pm and therefore I am considered a Leap Year baby. My mom chose February 28th to celebrate for the years which don’t leap. Last year I turned 10 birthdays old, while my son turned 10 years old. It was a special time when we both could be considered “10”. This year I had to endure “over the hill” jokes from my younger brother who feels that 50 is just around the corner for me. I think I will always feel young as my true birthday only comes around ever 4 years….here’s to birthday number 11 in 2008!


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I have a visual art practice and (way too) many ideas, thoughts and opinions I want to share. Thanks for listening.
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One Response to no leap this year

  1. Sirdar says:

    Happy birthday from Sirdar Inc.’s number 1 (as in Star Trek). As I venture into the realm of another birthday, I am reminded of my age mostly by my children and my aching body. There are days my mind isn’t all here either. Mostly I think I am too busy and have so many things in my brain that some things overflow and are forgotten until tragedy strikes in the form of a missed appointment or not being prepared for something. Other days, when there is not so much happening and I am out late with friends, I feel quite young. Of course the next day, I am again reminded of my age. But as you said in your previous blog, time is inevitable. I will just enjoy the journey and look at the bumps as another hurdle I have cleared. Hope you had a great birthday. Me

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