to learn, or not to learn

I have been thinking about what defines a person as a good learner. I thought if a person had the right tools or reference, a good setting, aptitude, and an interest in the topic that the rest would fall into place. But since I have been teaching, I have realized that it is more than that. Attitude can really decide whether you learn anything at all. No learning situation is ever perfect whether it be in a classroom or through life experience. A bad attitude can be the biggest barrier to learning, whether or not we have the best tools, instructors, or resources. The most wise among us have learned what they have through an attitude of humility and willingness to consider anything that comes their way, even if it is outside of their comfort zone. In my opinion, this is the key to mental, physical and spiritual growth. If a person is to ever reach there full potential they must master humility, the most difficult virtue of all.


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One Response to to learn, or not to learn

  1. Sirdar says:

    Having an attitude of wanting to learn I think is key for me. If I really don’t care about the subject, I won’t learn much. In the postition I have with the engineering firm I am with, I really don’t qualify for that position as I have never had any formal training for Instrumentation. However, I can do the job. It will limit how high I can go with it so I will probably never be a lead on a big project. But I have been a lead on small projects. The only reason I am able to do what I do is because I have taken the chances that take me out of my confort zone. I am continually faced with new challenges and do my best to overcome that challenge even though I sometimes know nothing of the subject. When that happens I learn about it through experiance. I never turn down a request to do something, unless it is controls. Controls does require some training to understand. Yes I could go back to school and learn it and maybe one day I will.

    So I agree with your assessment that having the right attitude does make a world of difference when it comes to learning.

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